Cadet Graduate Programme - Tech Services / Flight Operations

Dublin Office, Leinster, Ireland · Flight Operations · FRCGP01


Ryanair is commencing the implementation of a Graduate Programme for cadets who are about to embark on their career as a pilot.

The Role

This is a unique opportunity for an exceptional candidate to gain invaluable experience in understanding the operation of Ryanair’s Flight Operations and Technical Services departments and its development during a period of immense growth. Ryanair’s Flight Operations and Technical Services departments are responsible for all matters relating to flight crew Standards; Training; Performance Engineering; Reliability; Maintenance Programme; Avionics; Structures; Powerplant; Systems and Technical Records. The departments work closely with Boeing; Equipment Suppliers; Maintenance Organisations; Service Providers national aviation authorities and the EASA.

The successful candidate will participate in Ryanair’s Technical Services/Flight Operations cadet graduate programme on a One Year Fixed Term Contract.

Prior to entering the programme, applicants will undertake a simulator check to ensure that they meet the standard required to ultimately join the CAE type rating programme after the 12 month cadet graduate programme ends. Upon completion of the 12 month graduate programme, candidates who have successfully completed the programme will be recommended to CAE for a self-funded type rating course.

During the period of the programme, participants can expect to gain experience in some of the following areas;


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